Great Grandad Browns Farmhouse Loaf
23rd September 2017
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Traditional Lancashire Pork Sausage
27th September 2017
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Smoked Black pudding

Great Grandad Browns Smoked Farmhouse Loaf


The founder of Browns in 1932, Great Grandad Brown, left in his legacy his closely guarded recipe for the Farmhouse Black pudding dated back to 1945. Which we have now revived with updated methods. This is the smoked version for the lovers of smoked foods.Again absolute must on the breakfast plate. Taste and tradition in a mouthful. Black  pudding lovers will not stop eating this Smokey sister product to the traditional slice. .

Ingredients-Water, RUSK, WHEATflour, Dried Blood, Barley, Pork fat, salt, Dehydrated Onion, Onion powder, Yeast Extract, EGG Albumen, Spices, Herb, Spice extract.

available in 500 grm pack

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Smoked Black pudding

Smoked Black pudding

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